Temporary and Private Text Share

There are several reasons why you might want to share text online and with plenty of services available, you’ll find that it’s not too much of a difficult task to get a page of text out there. However, if you’re hoping to create a temporary page or even a private one, you might want to dig a little deeper to find a good platform. 

Fortunately, Pastehill is a great text share service where you create public and private posts – and if you’ve ever needed to share temporary secret text in the past, you might already know the benefits that can come with being able to do so without any hassle. 

Temporary text hosting 

There are plenty of times where it can be beneficial to use a service where you can post text for a temporary amount of time. In these instances, having a site like Pastehill can certainly come in handy. 

With this platform, it’s incredibly easy to create a paste with whatever you need, as well as edit, delete, and restore your posts if you have an account. If you want easier access to your pages, it might be best to create an account since it offers more options and easier management, but it’s not a necessity. 

Just post what you want, whether it’s referral codes that will expire or anything else that you want to share temporarily, and edit or remove your pastes whenever you’re ready. You can do all this anonymously without any hassle, which just makes it easier to do whatever you need. 

Temporary text sharing 

While it might seem easy enough to send a message or email with the information and delete it afterward, some will find that this isn’t the most secure of options. It’s easy to share messages or emails, and therefore there’s a chance that whatever private information you provide could be shared with other people without you knowing. 

If you do need to share information but want to ensure that it’s as safe as can be, using a text hosting site with secure encryption might be one of the best things you can do. Pastehill makes it easy to share text files without having to deal with the potential risk of the information being shared around since once the paste is deleted, it’s no longer viewable. 

You can even restore posts if you have an account, which could be useful if you ever need to bring the information back up for whatever reason. 

How to share text online privately 

It might also be worth using Pastehill for the ability to share text and URLs privately. Not only can you create public posts for all to see, but you can also make private ones and share them with just a few select people (if you even want to share them). 

There are several instances when a platform that offers these services can be useful, especially when you have the opportunity to store and share a large block of text. Sometimes, you just need a quick and easy way to share something with someone and if privacy is a concern, it’s best to use a site like Pastehill. Whether it’s a coding project with a few friends or anything else you need to share privately, you can rely on this particular tool to do the job. 

Even if you don’t have an account on Pastehill, you can still privately share your pastes. You can do this by password protecting your page, meaning that only you and those with the code will be able to access it. And just like with the points earlier, you can still delete your paste when necessary if you would rather not have the information available forever. 

Why is Pastehill the best option? 

There are several sites out there that can allow you to anonymously create and share text online, so what makes Pastehill so special? If you’re ever used a paste site before, you’re likely to find that several things make this one stand out from the rest. 

For one, if you want to be able to share links easily, this could be one of the best options out there. Most paste sites have a focus on text sharing, and while some do offer the opportunity to add links in too, none of them make it as straightforward as Pastehill. Just put the web address and it will automatically be converted to a hyperlink – it’s that simple! You can even collapse the link too, perfect if you want to make it more manageable and keep the focus of your paste on the content. 

There are plenty more features that make Pastehill  a great choice. Those with an account will have access to plenty of great management tools and even have the ability to monetize their links, which is certainly something that you might want to consider. 

Lastly, we’d like to mention that this is a trusted platform. The site has been around since 2014 and isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, so you can enjoy the services on offer as much as you want, for free, with or without an account, without having to worry. Their reputability is also great in aspects like security, which is a nice bonus that you won’t want to overlook.