How to Share Links Online

Sharing links online can often be an excellent way to gain more traffic on your website, which is one of the key reasons why it’s often considered to be an essential part of Search Engine Optimisation. Overall, there’s simply a lot that sharing links can do for your site. 

There tend to be quite a few methods that people use for social sharing, whether it’s backlinks on another page or comments on a social media post. However, if you’re looking for one of the best ways to share links online, you might just find that Pastehill is one of the best options. 

How to make money sharing links 

For the most part, if you want to make money from sharing URLs online, as well as take advantage of other features like link shortening, there’s no better tool on the internet than Pastehill. It’s so easy to use and with everything that it has to offer, it’s not hard to see why a wide variety of people have been able to make a little extra cash from using this website. 

Pages you might find useful 

Sharing links on Facebook 
While some will find that sharing on Facebook with Pastehill can have a few more steps, there are certainly benefits that come with using this social media platform, even just when sharing links through comments and posts. 

Sharing links on YouTube 
Like other social media platforms, sharing links through YouTube can have its ups and downs. If you’re going to add links to YouTube, it’s worth learning about your options, the rules and regulations, and overall how you can make the most out of doing so. 
How to make money sharing links 
If you’re sharing link after link without getting much return, it’s well worth considering some of the methods that could help you to not only get more traction, but also earn a little income on the side. A site like Pastehill could be perfect for monetizing links, which is just one of the benefits it has to offer. 

Alternative Pastebin websites 
Pastehill is a fairly well-known alternative to Pastebin due to the features it has to offer, but there are quite a few other ones that you might be interested in checking out, like Hastebin or Ghostbin. 

Pastebin alternative with links 
When it comes to sharing URLs, Pastebin isn’t usually the best paste site to choose. With link sharing in mind, there’s no one better than Pastehill, and there are several different reasons that make this particular platform one of the most popular for this specific purpose. 

JustPasteIt alternative is a rather well-known pasting site, separating itself from options like Pastebin and Pastehill by being a simple tool for sharing text. While not as ideal for sharing code or links, it does have its advantages, as well as a few downsides that you might want to consider before you use it. 

How to share text online 
If you want to write something, whether it’s your thoughts or backlink content for your site, you’re likely to find that a good pasting platform could be a great opportunity to get whatever it is that you need out there. Fortunately, doing so is incredibly easy and with Pastehill, you can go much further with what you’re able to do when sharing text online. 

Text dump with Pastehill 
Looking for a good website to use as a text dump? If so, you might want to check out Pastehill. Outside of the numerous features of this site, it’s just easy for users to create a paste – you don’t even need to make an account. 

Sharing rich, raw, and plain text online 
These three types of text format can be beneficial in different situations, whether you want to share source code or a fully formatted piece of content. Knowing what each has to offer could be beneficial, and since Pastehill offers the option to use all three, you can do whatever you need with your paste with ease. 

Temporary and private text share 
If you want to share temporary text, or even make a paste private so that only certain people can access it, you’ll find that Pastehill is an excellent selection. Creating passwords for pastes and deleting them is incredibly easy, allowing you to pretty much do whatever you need and share it with whomever you wish.